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The Perfect Fitting Set of Clubs

One size does not fit all. Everyone's golf swing is different, so you should use customized golf clubs that fit your swing. At The Pasadena Clubfitter in California, we examine more than 20 aspects of your swing to ensure that your club fitting is accurate. Our primary business is providing customers with clubs that enhance their golf game and the pleasure they get from spending a day on the links.

Golfer Putting

Your Fitting

Use irons, wedges, and putters that are designed to fit your game. Our process begins with a brief interview. This helps us fully understand what you hope to achieve during your experience with us. We then begin a thorough measurement process of your current clubs.

We ask you to hit a few balls using your own clubs so we are able to form a baseline that helps us judge your improvement. By using launch monitors, video, and radar, we are able to record your swing and measure swing speed, launch angles, and spin speed. We also examine your clubs to understand aspects, such as:

Swing Weight | Moment of Inertia | Total Length | Flex | Loft | Lie

Creating a New Set

My approach

1. The initial fitting session is at my home / studio where I have access to everything I need in the way of measuring equipment, test shafts and test heads.  The first session will last about 2 hours +/-..  We will talk for a while so I get a real understanding of what you will consider a successful fitting. Then I will measure a few of your clubs for length, lie, loft, swing weight, MOI and flex.

As there are no standards in this golf industry I never just assume a player is hitting what he thinks he is hitting, measuring is the only way to really know.

2. After this we will go out to the hitting area and you will hit a few 6 irons with your clubs so we get  a base line of what you are currently using.  This will be done with launch monitor(s), radar and video. 

Then I will begin to find the best combination of head design and shaft for your swing speed, tempo and release point.  Although I am a certified swing instructor I won't be commenting on your swing except for grip and ball position if necessary.  I am not a fan of getting golfers to change their swing as it is way to difficult for accomplished players (i.e Tiger) let alone someone who only practices and probably poorly at that once a week or so.

New Set of Clubs

3.Once we have hit on the best combination of shaft and iron head design I will build you a test club.  I want you to go hit this 4 or 5 times on your own, either on the driving range or on the course.  Then we will get back together at Santa Anita's driving range and I'll watch actual ball flight.  If tweaks are necessary I will make them, and we will repeat the process until we are both satisfied it is as good as it can get.